Inspired by the terrain that surrounds our home on Vancouver Island, even naming the company after the Forbidden Plateau – our local riding spot – should go some way to explaining our intentions as a mountain bike brand. The year-round riding conditions we experience here coupled with the sheer variety of trails on offer have given us the ideal location to design and develop cutting edge mountain bikes. 

Established in 2019 by a growing team of industry veterans with a single product – our trail bike, the Druid – and a single-minded, no holds barred approach to bicycle design. The Druid’s arrival on the scene certainly set the tone for a brand that is not prepared to accept the status quo or adhere to the whims of mass-market trends.

Small, agile and free to pursue the ideas that would ultimately lead us towards truly unique products that not only define us a company but who we are as riders. This approach has also allowed us to really focus on ride quality and performance above all else, be it through suspension, geometry, materials, or construction techniques.

Alongside our base in Canada, we also have a growing team on the other side of the Atlantic in another highly influential corner of the mountain bike world; the UK. While growth is an inevitability, it is not our priority and we are, as ever, focused on our customers first and the shared experience our products deliver out on the trails.